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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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roberts from washington, d.c. and we have got the point t counter point and what it all means. we also have the big development in the fight over that mosque in manhattan, is there a possibility of a compromise? also it's primary day, we're going to take to live to arizona where john mccain is fighting tooth and nail to keep his seat. answer those trapped miners in chile, what will it take to get them out of there? and an alligator ends up in a really weird place. boehner fire fired the first shot this morning in a speech in cleveland where he called on president obama to fire his top economic advisors. >> president obama should ask for and accept the resignations of the remaining members of the of his economic team starting with secretary geithner, and larry summers the head of the national economic council. >> boehner also slammed the
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president for -- >> let me tell you, there are millions upon millions ofmens who saw their savings, their paychecks shrink, lost their jobs, their homes. mr. boehner ises nostalgic for those good old days, but the american people are not, they don't want to go back. >> mike vi >>. >> reporter: well, john boehner, you know, i don't think he really expects the president to turn around and say, okay, let's fire secretary tim geithner over at the treasury department and let's fire my top economic advisor larry summers. you have to see this in a context of this war of words between the house republican leader and the house, in the
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context of a desperate struggle to maintain control of the congress on the part of the president's party. of course the democrats and john boehner who would be speaker of the house, a prospect that is put by my analysts at 50/50 when the republicans win back the congress in november. boehner said that the stimulus was a failed stum plus. the economy the number one issue in our polling and every other polling headed into that election, the battle lines are now drown and bill burton was asked with the economy so front and center politically, and as a matter of real concrete unemployment people out of work, the unemployment rate remaining at 9.5%, why is the president focusing on iraq? why is the president focusing on the middle east? why is he coming back to
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washington to go directly to new orleans for the fifth anniversary of katrina, here's bill burton's response. >> i assure you that alongside all the other things that are on the president's plate, he's continued to focus on the economy. >> reporter: now on the question of these tax cuts, republicans want to extend all of those tax cuts that were passed in 2001 and 2003 under the bush administration. the president has said, fine, we'll extend them for everyone making under $250,000 and that's where that battle line is being drawn. republicans say that will hit small businesses, biden, burton today both coming back saying that's ridiculous, only 3% of small businesses would be hit by the way the president wants to extend these tax cuts. the back and forth continuing even as the president continues on in a rainy martha's vineyard. the political fireworks are not confined to just washington today, it's primary day in alaska, florida and arizona.
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and as the results come in today, we'll get a good idea of who has the edge this election season, the washington insiders or the political newcomer who is really want to shake things up. norah o'donnell is in miami and nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is in phoenix. kelly, let's start with you, take us through these big races there in florida. >> reporter: there is record turnout in the sunshine state today, in fact early voting of some 40% more than 360,000 people have voted. why? there's a lot of interest in two big races in this state, the senate race and the governor's race, let's start with florida's senate race and a race for the democratic nomination, and this is this theme of the establishment versus the outsider, the congressman kendrick meek who's trying to fight off a challenge from the self-made millionaire jeff
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green, meek calling green a bad person, green saying that meek, who's been in congress for eight years is a corrupt politician. pretty interesting, meek has been up some ten points in the polls. but what's interesting about this is that the race is that if meek pulls this off, he's going to face an uphill battle. i spoke with meek earlier, i said, look, there's a lot of democrats i'm talking to who say they may not be able to back your candidacy financially because there's a lot of key races across the country, and christ said you cannot trust charlie crist, i asked him specifically, if you're elected as an independent, will you caucus with the democrats in washington. he refused to say who he would caucus with, he said i will
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caucus for the people of florida. >> we just got video of senator john mccain voting in the phoenix primary between him and congressman j.d. haworth. we check in with kelly o'donnell, she is in phoenix, and the story line across the country has been that voters don't like washington, they don't like the incumbents and yet senator john mccain, he's running pretty strong. >> reporter: well he would also tell you that voters don't like the incumbents and he said to me in our interview that he really got a sense of that early on and perhaps the story of this campaign should mccain win, is that starting early and aggressively might be a way for some incumbents to save their jobs. mccain says he has heard the anger, and he has just tried to fight back hard. he has had a very tough opponent in j.d. haworth who is a former congressman and most recently has been a radio talk show host and certainly aligns himself
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with the tea party. j.d. haworthaworth's position i hammer mccain on immigration. there was a time when mccain supported temporary guest workers and now mccain is much more focused on secure the border first. that's been the tension in this race. and mccain says that he has tried to show that incumbents can come back if they listen and he's tried to really fight back by saying he wants to earn every vote. it's about 112 degrees outside today, thomas, so part of what will be in the dynamic here is that arizona has voting by mail and that may affect turnout because people have been able to mail their ballots, not just turn out in the sun to cast them in person as the candidates did today. >> i'm glad you're inside in this weather. kelly, we'll talk again soon. >> we had to escape it. >> you had to, i understand. we turn now to alaska and all eyes are con senator lisa her koskie who is running
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against joe miller. political insiders are keeping a key eye on this one. and from arizona to florida and alaska, we're going to have all the latest primary developments and results. and just in to msnbc, new images of a plane crash in china where it appears 49 people have survived. it happened in the northeast part of the country. the chinese news agency says that a hanin airlines plane fell apart bursting into flames. 41 people have died. many of the injured reportedly have broken bones. shirley sherrod is saying no. the woman who was divorced to resign from her usda job over false accusations she gave a racist speech has had her first face-to-face meeting with ak
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secretary john mill sack. she rejected the offer but adds that she may help the department in a consulting capacity sometime in the future. >> i did enjoy that work and would want to see that work continue. i just don't think at this point with all that has happened i can do that either in the new position that was offered or as state director for rural development in georgia. >> probably understandably. sherrod says she wants to take a break and she's still committed to the cause of improving race relations. now we turn to the developments and the controversy over plans to build an islamic center and mosque two blocks from ground zero in new york. new york governor david patterson and new york archbishop timothy dolan will meet to discuss those plans. the governor and the archbishop
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have expressed -- michael bloomberg favors the plan to build the mosque near the world trade center site. all of this follows emotional demonstrations both for and against the mosque. michael smerconish, good to have you with us. >> you'll not be surprised to hear that in the talk radio world the mosque is as hot as ever in terms of a subject that really stirs the passion of listeners. >> what are they saying to you about this? are they more for it or more against it. >> decidedly against it, but not universally so. you just talked about shirley sherrod and i'm not wondering if there's not some of those elements. is the imam being done wrong
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when snippets are being released without the totity of his comments. he delivered a speech fife years ago in australia which says u.s. worst than al qaeda, says the imam, you go to the website that served as the basis for that story and you see some seemingly incendiary comments attributed to him. but when in his speech he says that the london bombing is against islamic law. suicide bombing completely against islamic law, completely 100%. somehow the video of him saying that, it doesn't make the website. so i'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. and it's like peeling back an onion, because you have newt gingrich at one end of the political -- and then you have the ald which opposes the construction of the mosque conceding that he's a moderate imam, probably the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
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>> the white house said that president obama, no further comment on this one, really after elevating this matter about the mosque and the debate on national -- or do a national level last week, what are some of your radio listeners saying? are they talking about the fact that president obama went on the record about this? >> i think that most people concede that the president, meaning most opponents even of the president would concede that in his ramadan remarks that friday night, there's nothing that he said in that speech that a rational person could disagree with, it was a tremendous constitutional defense of religious freedom, where i think the president got tripped up was the following day when he said i want to make it clear that i'm not weighing in on the propriety, or the wisdom of conducting a mosque. that's when everything was subject to interpretation. congressman ron paul the republican was on my radio program today making an impassioned defense of the mosque on constitutional grounds and i think he may have swayed
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some minds, it will be interesting to see if his commentary goes viral. >> thank you very much, it's always good to talk to you and we always appreciate the feedback that you get from your radio listeners. major set back from a mosque that was in the works from kentucky. zoning officials in the town of mayfield have denied a somali group to build a mosque there. muslims are new to the community and people have expressed concerns. people have said that space and parking are the issues not religion. but an owner next to the site says that he might feel different if a baptist church was applying for the very same permit. and the salmonella that forced the recall of more than half a billion eggs. plus one si is considering using new technology to track students every move in school. is this a case of big brother
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hi, everybody, and welcome back to msnbc. the white house has announced that president obama will address the pullout in iraq one week from today. now this announcement comes as we learn the number of u.s. troops in iraq has officially dropped below 40,000. this is ahead of the deadline president obama set for that goal at the end of august. under the president's plan, american forces will no longer conduct combat operations but will conduct training
2:18 pm
operations. today white house national security advisor john brennan had a message for al qaeda in iraq. >> we can anticipate that al qaeda in iraq will try to argue they have been successful, but they are wrong. we are reducing our footprint in iraq under our terms and through a transition to over 600,000 iraqi security forces who have proven up to the task. >> brennan also addeded that terrific attacks are still a problem in iraq but that the violence is at a reduced level. back here at home, fda investigators are inspecting two iowa egg farms and they're trying to determine the source of that salmonella that led to a recall of a half billion eggs. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says it has no reports of new people that have
2:19 pm
been sickened or clusters of reports of people who have been sickened by salmonella. that may mean that the worst of this is over, or at least that there's been such a lag in the reporting that all of the cases are most of them have occurred in the past few months. as for the investigation itself, and why these massive men houses at two farms in iowa became apparently affected by salmonella, the chief poultry veterinarian at iowa state university says he has a theory here, he says there can really only be one suspect or suspects. that would be mice, if mice got into the hen houses, they can leave their droppings in the feed, the chickens pick up the feed and they get sick. the salmonella then goes from the hens to their eggs and you have more of those being produced and more of those eggs shipped and more people becoming ill. the worst may be over as the fda
2:20 pm
continues to search for the source of the salmon nell l.a. and congress is now looking at now whether it should be passing this new law that the senate is sitting on that would give the fda the authority to order a recall. imagine that idea. >> and for all of you, if you're still a little bit worried about this, for more information about the recall including how to make sure that the eggs that you bought are safe, log on to for that information. new home sales numbers are out today and we're going to look at what that tells us about how the economy is doing. stay with us, you're watching msnbc. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. stewart angst booth was a hot ticket at this year's comic con, his bookstore and online company offers hard to find sketch books and illustrations unavailable at bookstores.
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you know, not really the news i want to pass along, but there is more dismal news today for anyone that's selling a home out there. sales of existing homes plunged 27% in july from the previous month for the lowest level in 15 years. the drop was more than twice as big as expected. meantime the inventory of unsold
2:24 pm
homes rose to the highest level since 1999. at the current pace, it would take 12 1/2 months to sell all of those homes that are now on the market. there is some positive economic news today, gasoline prices, they keep falling. aaa reports the national average for regular dropped more than four cents in the past week to $2.70, however that's still about eight cents higher than it was a year ago. now to a big fight over big buildings in the big apple. the owners of the empire state building are trying to keep a glass building that will rise almost to the top of the building. the near 67-story tower will be just 34 feet shy of the icon ii structure. the developer says it will provide state of the art office space and create at least 7,000 new jobs. now a story from boston about a dog that may or may not have been dog napped. and you can decide for yourself
2:25 pm
on this one. >> reporter: ruthie, this toy poodle has survived an attack by a germany shepard, a house fire and now a dog napping. >> she's been through so much, and she's just a little 5-pound dog. >> ruthie was kidnapped saturday evening. they left ruthie in the car with the windows cracked, but when they returned, ruthie was gone. >> i just went berserk, i just kept screaming. my husband and i had have a rule about how much to crack it. it was horrible. >> reporter: they looked everywhere for ruthie and found some witnesses. >> two young men, boys on bikes saw them with a little dog. >> reporter: judy and her husband made these flyers and put them up all over, offering a
2:26 pm
$2,000 reward for ruthie's safe return. later they got a phone call saying that ruthie was in a park with a handicapped gentleman. >> i said, you know, i'm so happy, and i kind of fell on the ground. >> reporter: but her elation was short-lived. >> and he said okay, let's talk about the money. i stayed, wow, i could only get 500. >> the man took the money but now they and the police wonder if the man somehow had a hand in ruthie's dog napping. >> if the men called me and bothered me, i was to say call the boston police. >> okay, all right. ruthie was takening to the vet, she's expected to be perfectly fine, perfectly okay. the boston police department says the investigation will continue on this one. for all you sleuths out there,
2:27 pm
what do you think about this? dog napping or did she pay a fair reward. let me know on twitter, on we'll bring you the very latest next. and the name of the show may be jersey shore, but it appears many in the garden state would be happy if snooki, the situation all stayed in south beach. we'll bring you the scoop.
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hi, everybody, welcome back to msnbc. i want to take you down to miami beach now and show you some live pictures that are coming in to us from there. we're learning that the coast guard is trying to help a baby whale calf that was injured in a marina there. you can see the people gathered around and the baby whale calf swimming up to the side.
2:31 pm
we were told that the whale calf was injured in this area by a boat. they are waiting for some help to come in and help return the whale calf return safely out to sea and also check to see what type of injuries it might have suffered. we're getting initial reports that the whale calf was hit by a boat there in the marina. the image got a little bit closer, there's a boat there on the left that looks like it's a pretty large ship. so you can imagine what type of boats are coming in and out of this marina in miami beach. we'll continue to watch this story and bring you details on it as we get it. the coast guard is being called in to help rescue this injured baby whale calf. food, medicine and oxygen are being sent down to the miners through a very narrow hole that was drilled into the safety chamber where the men
2:32 pm
were found alive on sunday. they're more than 2,000 feet under ground. mike tiabbi is following the developments. it could take months for these guys to become free, and in the meantime, all they have to go on right now is the hope that they know people are actually coming for them. >> one guy, a 63-year-old, the oldest miner sent a note up to his wife lillian in which he said he's surviving now on patience and faith and he and the other 32 men down in that well who are trapped down there, they're running out of either commodity, over the next several months, three or four months. so far they have been able to survive for 17, 18 days now, which is very close to the record of survival in underground isolation, the record about 25 days last year in china. they were able to survive with the stores they had down there with them. they had some biscuits, they had some water and some other stuff and the men were cooperative and shared it.
2:33 pm
so now through that bore hole, where you saw that camera shot, which is about the width of a grape future. they're going to get some microphones so they can record some messages to their loved one, all of that is going to help. but they're also bringing in teams of psychiatrists to help talk these men through what will undoubtedly be periods of very high stress and wonders how they'll all get along. imagine 33 people, imagine if they're even among your close e friends, but being stuck with them under ground for weeks and months at a time. what would happen if there were a medical emergency without a real doctor to treat whatever it is. one is already reporting stomach issues, stomach problems which needs some level of treatment. >> michael, when we talked about the rescue attempts that are going on now, and they say it could take months, is that a
2:34 pm
worst-case scenario, is there something that could be done, some advances that could actually speed up this process. >> there's a drill with a diamond tip that will be able to drill a hole to get one man at a time up that chute. but this has to be a distribute and methodical process because the mine itself is so unstable. remember it collapsed, that's what trapped these men. they have to drill a hole very, very slowly. it was like the gulf oil spill, they couldn't just drill as fast as they could. they're not going to drill straight down in any case. they're going to try to drill from beside the mine. >> they don't want all their work to be done in vain so they have to start over again. the white house says that federally funded stem cell research should continue. this is despite a judge's decision to temporarily block it. now the judge ruled yesterday that federal funding of the research is against the law
2:35 pm
because in 1996, congress explicitly blocked federal dollars from going toward research in which human employees are destroy employees -- embryos are destroyed. the obama administration is reviewing all the option. >> from what we can tell, this would also stop the research that president bush had allowed to go forward early in his presidency. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us now, now pete, all these funds are now suspended or frozing? >> certainly no new money can be spent on stem cell research. the argument is that we're not using any money that affects embryos. the judge says you cannot separate the two. you get the cells by destroying embryos, that's what congress wanted to block. so the whole thing has to be blocked. now what the government is
2:36 pm
trying to figure out is, clearly this would stop any new funding of stem cell research, but what about money that's already in the pipeline, that's already been spent, that's already in labs, can that work go on? that's what they're trying to figure out now. they're trying to assess the damage or the affect o judge's ruling, and also what steps do they take now? they could appeal, but that might make things worse. they have to decide are they going to appeal? are they going to go back to the judge and try to get perhaps a more narrowed or nuanced assessment from the judge of exactly what he wants to prevent. >> if they do go back to appeal and the judge continues with this broader overview, then congress has to act? >> that's another option. the administration could go to congress and get -- i mean that's what this is all about. this isn't a constitutional question, this is a question of whether the stem cell research violates an act of congress.
2:37 pm
if that's the problem, go back and try to get congress to fix it. but that's a very tricky thing to do. this is a very emotional issue, it's like the abortion issue, not one that congress is eager to jump in the middle of. >> not something they feel like they need to reexamine? >> they may need to, but they may also feel they don't want to. >> exactly, pete, thank you very much. a three-foot gator first spotted on sunday afternoon in the chicago river has been caught. five cages with raw chick as bait had been set up in the water. a man known as alligator bob trapped the reptile with some corrugated metal lining. this was the second gator spotteded in the river this month. good for alligator bob. from the chicago river to the delaware river, a family in pennsylvania had a really unexpected swimming partner. you can see it there highlighted. there's a bear. a family was tubing in the river when they spotted it. and fortunately the bear didn't seem to notice them. he just kept on swimming, all the way from the new jersey side
2:38 pm
of the river to the pennsylvania bank. and there goes mr. bear, after a nice refreshing dip. so will lindsay lohan leave rehab early? that's what everybody wants to know. an important hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, and courtney haslet is offer today. so we're going to get the scoop from erica. >> we talked about lindsay being released from jail, we talked about is lindsay going to go to rehab, now we're talking about is lindsay going to get out early? there was a mandatory 90 days in rehab, where does it stand now? >> there is a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning in l.a. superior court where the judge could release lindsay early. she still has a couple of more months to go on that 90-day sentence. but what has been reported is that the doctors at the rehabilitation center don't think she has the extensive drug and psychiatric problems that
2:39 pm
she was previously diagnosed with. >> couldn't this be the talent of a great actress fooling sneem. >> the doctors are there are pretty sure and the judge is also a pretty sure person. the judge has been meeting be t her lawyers and the prosecutor and discussing whether or not she's going to get set free. >> let's move on to something that everybody's talking about, the jersey shore and the quinnipiac poll that was done on whether or not people in new jersey like the jersey shore and how it represents their coastline. here we have favorable 11%, unfavorable 51%, haven't heard enough is 35%. i guess in terms of what you guys put in your magazine, the jersey shore and the cast is really some hot sellers for magazines. >> and whether you think they're despicable or tacky or tasteless, they are so entertaining, they even add new phrases to our way of speaking.
2:40 pm
gtl, the grenade, the land mine. these are such fun things to talk about and to watch, and yes, they're very controversial. people in new jersey feel they give the state a bad rap but what's most interesting is that they thought the characters acted badly because they were actually new yorkers. >> no matter what, erica, what we know about these guys is they are crazy like a fox and they are cashing in big-time and they're also trying to advance their careers, i guess springboard out of the jersey shore and other things. now might the attention be on "dancing with the stars"? >> abc hasn't released a comment, but what they're talking about is that he may be on dancing with the stars. i would certainly tune in to watch, he has great moves on the
2:41 pm
dance floor in the jersey clubs. >> erica, thanks very much. so 2010's ms. universe was crowned last night, it happened in las vegas, miss mexico gets as the winner an undisclosed salary, a luxury new york apartment, a one-year scholarship to the new york film academy, clothes and all the shoes she can wear. and a familiar face was on that panel. last night tamron hall questioned some of the finalists during the interview portion of the competition. and she did great. all right, so coming up, you would expect school to keep track of its students, but how one school is going about it is causing a lot of catastropontro. tracking students, straight ahead. >> reporter: i'm kerrey sanders
2:42 pm
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as we speak at this hour, a team of ork yol gists and scientists are making their way across the atlantic to the titan mick. late last night, they set sale from canada, and nbc news kerry sanders is live on board with that crew. kerry, give us an idea of what a job this team has ahead of them, it's supposed to last 20 days, correct? >> reporter: it's an incredible mission, thomas and we're very fortunate that we have some relatively calm seas, about three-foot rollers out here, it's been raining at times, and overcast, but the crew on board at very high -- like you couldn't have better experts gathered here to look at this.
2:46 pm
the team leader who put this all together. you own the sal raj rights, but this is not a sal kraj operation. what goal do you superwith the three-d cameras? >> and we have never seen it obviously in totality, because this debris field, some of the experts say may go over six miles down there. what can the cameras do and why do we need to see that? what will it allow us to understand? >> the site survey, mapping the entire wreck site is the goal of this mission. the debris field does cover a very significant area, we want to identify all the octobers, not just the bow and stern sections, but everyone in the debris field. >> why are we so interested in
2:47 pm
this? this ship went down april 15, 1912. and we're still talking about it. people are still writing books about it. several million dollars is being spent right now to take these pictures and do this research. what is it that draws us to the titanic? >> the titanic continues to resonate literally 100 years after sinking for a variety of reasons. for one, the terrible tragedy, all those people, all those lives lost, but the titanic also represented the hub brows of man. titanic is just one of those examples. of a story that just won't go away. >> reporter: the titanic, as everybody knows, hit the iceberg, it's unclear, the experts say whether it cut a 300-foot gash in the hull which caused it to sink or whether it popped rivets. do you think you will be able to
2:48 pm
answer that on this mission? >> in view of how the artifact field is actually displayed, we can reengineer how the ship actually came apart. >> reporter: so that would be bringing everything back up in 3-d and saying this is how it went down. >> exactly right. >> reporter: this is an incredible opportunity, i'm thrilled to be along here, only one concern that i have here and that's hurricane danielle, because we're heading to a location that hurricane danielle may be going to and of course we don't want to face that because one natural disaster is enough, and that would be the iceberg hitting the ship or the ship hitting the iceberg, we don't need to repeat that. >> as much time as you spend around hurricanes, i don't know, kerry, you could be a hurricane magnet. but how long are you going to stay on the ship? are you going to be there the whole time or do you have to
2:49 pm
leave early, you can't be there the whole to days? >> i have a feeling at that point, we'll see, the really interesting part is the front end here, and that is the 3-d as well as the side scan sonar that they're going to do under water. that's going to be the most interesting and so we have joined them on the front end here and if things continue to develop, who knows, we may stay with them. but for the next few weeks, we're going to be bringing you as many updates as we can. and those cameras are going into the water very soon. so as soon as we get the cameras down there, we're going to bring them back to you live. >> so coming up, you would think that the secret service would be more secret, a boy gets a moment with the president thanks to hiss sharp eye, we'll bring you those details, next.
2:50 pm
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right now a teen driver is fighting for his life after a terrifying accident. it was all caught on police dash cam video. watch on the left as he speeds
2:53 pm
down an ohio interstate, losing control of his car smashing into an overpass. and look at what was left. the 19-year-old driver is now in critical condition. officials say it is truly a miracle that no one else was injured with all the debris that ended up on that highway. florida police say they have made an arrest in the disappearance of a h-year-old girl. today authorities arrested and charged cooper with aggravated manslaughter. pillar's poed was never found. some are calling it an innovative idea that could save a whole lot more money. the town of new cane in connecticut is considering trafficking devices for students in public schools there. >> new cannon high school has an
2:54 pm
open campus policy. it's a popular policy, but the school has a number of doors making it difficult to track who's in and who's out. that's why he favors a tracking system for students. >> what we want to know is who's in the building, in the event of an emergency, if there were a fire, or some sort of a threat, and you wanted to know who's where, this would be a great way to tell that. >> secure rf is proposing to use money from a federal grant to install tiny tracking chips into the id cards of new canaan high school. walters says it can also be used to track the number of students that are taking the school bus. the idea would be to put a chip inside the student's id and every time they walk off of the school bus and into the school, they could be tracked and that would be one way to save the school a whole lot of money. >> we have a lot of people who say they're going to ride the bus, but they don't show up. >> this new idea of tracking
2:55 pm
students' whereabouts while in school is gaining ground with adults in town. students aren't so sure they like it. >> it's like an invasion of privacy, i guess. >> i think it's a good thing to keep track of them because otherwise they could take advantage and go off and -- you know, i think they need structure. >> structure or tracking? and now to the things we thought you should know. a connecticut boy has a nice artifact to show off on the first day of school for him. the president's autograph brendan murphy kaes dad had a bookstore. they walked into the store and they stumbled upon the president. president obama signed the book "dreams of my father." levi johnston is running for
2:56 pm
mayor of wasilla, alaska. and then there's this. if you get off scot-free, there's a hug waiting for you. >> i'm determined now to work even harder now to get that. >> another happy ending in politics, despite that happy ending, things got a little heat heated. the illinois governor refused to say whether he would take the stand in his defense if he is retried on his corruption charges. and those are the things we thought you should know. that's going to wrap up this hour for me, chris jansing is going to pick things up after the break, you are watching msnbc.
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home sales plunged to the lowest level in 15 years. is it time to rethink the idea of our houses as nest eggs? >> calling on nasa, what chile could learn from the space agency as it works to free those trapped miners.


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